Début Début GmbH is a design studio founded in late 2016 by Max Frischknecht & Philipp Möckli.

We fight for the diversity of perspectives and the culture of discussion.
We fight against uniformity, conformity and passivity.
We fight for people with a position and a message that makes a difference.
We fight against anyone who suppresses curiosity and freedom of thought.
We fight play with white space and imagination.

We believe that the spread of ideas and access to knowledge is essential for society. Therefore we use graphic and interaction design to make messages visible and comprehensible. So that people with a vision and a message can be heard.

Current team:
Max Frischknecht
Philipp Möckli
Adrian Schnegg
Alain Brusch

Wanted: Freelance-Coder!

Frequent collaborators:
Urs Clement
Philipp Forster
CARTHA Magazine
Yann Patrick Martins
Christine Schranz
Francisco Moura Veiga
Cosimo Wunderlin
Marisa Zürcher